About Us

Crutch'n It was founded around the idea that mobility devices should not be something that people are ashamed of. For many people, mobility devices are an everyday necessity to stay mobile.  Despite that fact, most mobility devices are made in boring colors such as grey or black.  We feel that our differences should not be hidden, but celebrated.  Our products turn your mobility devices into accessories and help them match your outfit, in a way the expresses your personal style and celebrates your uniqueness.  With the help of our accessories, you can turn your boring mobility devices into something that brings you joy and shows the world that you are not ashamed of your disability. 

 About Our Founder

  April Davenport developed a chronic pain condition from an injury when she was twelve years old, and has had to use mobility devices on and off ever since.   When April got to college she studied apparel design, which soon caused her to realize that people like her were massively underrepresented in the apparel industry.  Instead of letting    that discourage her, April started studying adaptive apparel design, and exploring how the industry could be made more inclusive.  After a number of years of exploring the needs of adaptive customers, April found that people who used mobility devices struggled with self-confidence and self-conscious about their mobility devices.  April decided to create Crutch'n It as a way to address this problem, by     giving people who use mobility devices like her the chance to show off their mobility devices. 

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